Photoshoot With SOAH Swimwear

Okay, I know I'm not alone when I say that I feel like its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find great quality unique swimsuits these days. Lets get something straight here, I don't believe there is a bigger swimsuit lover on this planet than myself. Born and raised in sunny Florida, we tend to live in swimsuits, and have no complaints doing so. However, my dilemma has always been that when It comes to my swimsuits, I've always loved to stand out, being different, owning swimsuits that I was confident nobody else I knew owned. This was nearly impossible....

It was impossible to find swimsuits that didn't spread like wildfire and after your purchase, one week later, everyone on the beach owned it. This was definitely a dilemma for me, however, not the biggest one. As much as I don't like wearing or owning the pieces that everyone else had, it was actually the fact that it was nearly impossible to ever find a swimsuit that I liked. I'm so picky with my swimwear, I take notice way more than I should about detail. I always look for the smallest details and cuts that make that swimsuit unique and search for what makes it really appealing to the eye. 

These were my summer life struggles, that was until I was asked to shoot for SOAH Swimwear. I had finally met my match. Not only did I fall in love with the entire brand and collection during the shoot, but I had found everything that I had been looking for. I found quality, elegance with a mix of bohemian style, and most importantly, the unique cuts that are specially hand designed that make these pieces so great. I now proudly own many of SOAH Swimwear's beautiful suits. So come take a peak at my shoot for SOAH Swimwear and once you take a look at these images, you'll understand why it was love at first fit! 

FUN FACT: Best part about this shoot was my roommate at the time also got hired for the same shoot, which made for us to have pretty AMAZING canvas pictures on our living room walls in our apartment in Miami Beach. Just saying...

SOAH...Soul Of A Hippie! 

Location: Nikki Beach, Miami Beach, FL


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