Swimsuit Shooting In Miami

Another gorgeous sun rise, white sand between my toes, and the heat of the sun on my skin, what is there possibly not to love about a Miami beach swimsuit shoot?! And just like that, for a few weeks I'm home....back to my roots in Miami and soaking up every minute of the beaming sun rays...all the while I'm thinking "ah, its' good to be back!"

The past two years since I have been living in Oslo, I usually like to fly back home to Florida once or twice a year (Depending on my visa situation.) Whether it be just one short week, or a few months, It's always nice to be back home and getting back into the groove of things, and by groove, I mean shooting! Miami is filled with so many talented, and astonishing swimsuit photographers, white sand beaches, and bright sunny days. I mean they don't call Florida the sunshine state for nothing. This is why I really try and have as much fun at the beach while I'm back home as humanly possible. Whether I'm shooting in a swimsuit or some form of beach wear, or just simply relaxing and soaking up some rays, this sun lover couldn't be any happier. Shooting on some of Miami Beaches beautiful boardwalks really make for some awesome shoots, so naturally, we took complete advantage! Don't mind if we do, haha! This beautiful white boardwalk and my $10 H&M swimsuit really made for a fun day of shooting. Yes, I said $10! I couldn't believe it either. H&M just happen to be having a summer collection that were limited editions and only $5 pieces. I stumbled across this deal by complete accident when one day shopping around the store. Apparently H&M does this every summer, so keep your eyes peeled. When I saw that price tag, and these colors, with the detailed edging, I couldn't help but snag it right away! 

Now, here's to beautiful beach sun rises that quickly turn into bright Sunny afternoons, and killing yourself with ab workouts to make sure your Miami shooting body ready, haha!

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