Crotchet Crazed

Crotchet swimsuits, it's just one of those things that never gets old, never disappointing, and ALWAYS stands out from the rest, you know...much like ( those glorious peanut butter cups that have been starring at me all week long (Truth be told, I'm a total peanut butter cup JUNKIE, or anything peanut butter for that matter, ha!) And so yes, I absolutely just compared a crotchet bikini to a peanut butter cup, because that's how much I LOVE crotchet this summer, and anyone that knows me, knows that comparison speaks high volumes in my world (such a foodie)!

Much like my mood, my style tends to alter a lot. Each season I seem to find one trend I just cant get enough of. This summer, it just happens to be the crotchet swimsuit! Just something about the timeless and rich look of a nicely made crotchet suit, I just cant get enough of. I've been on the hunt the past couple of months now for the BEST and most affordable ones I could find, and behold....DOLL SWIMWEAR had the perfect ones for under $100. I fell in love with this black crotchet swimsuit because of all the detailing it possessed, and of course, the affordable price! I lucked out, and also found the most perfect detailed kimono to match on their site as well. The boho chic chick in me went crazy!

I didn't stop there. I then found the most PERFECT new boho style bag from ZARA to pair it with. I'm crushing so so so hard on these new boho styled bags currently out at ZARA right now. They are the perfect combination of beach bum, meets boho chick, and I literally cant get enough! I completed the look with a few of my favorite bohemian accessories. Look complete, and I now feel beach party ready!

P.S. I've linked all items below!

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