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It all began with a simple little note that I woke up to one morning. The letter reading "Good morning my love. We will be going to Monaco this weekend to attend the Monaco Grand Prix. Im assuming you might have some chores that need to be done before we leave, so now might be a good time to get the day started. Our plane leaves in 24 hours.... I love you." And just like that we were on our way to a weekend in Monaco. He managed to do it again. He managed to Surprise me once again with a getaway. He, being my amazing boyfriend!

We had a great time. This was my first trip to Monaco, and because I fell in love with it's luxurious beauty and all the excitement that takes places in Monaco during the annual Grand Prix, it is most certainly not my last. While in Monaco, to have the ultimate elite experience here is where and what I found....


Here is where I stayed and had an amazing experience. If you're looking for a luxury meets modern and young vibe accommodation experience, then The Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel is where it's at. Central to all of the hype and events surrounding the Monaco Grand Prix. Prime time location, exclusive views to the grand prix & also offers special packages for all of your Grand Prix needs. depending on your travel desires, i listed a couple of other options I highly recommend if you find it suits you more.

The next I found to be incredibly beautiful if you're into more of an older crowd and romantic experience. Hotel De Paris. This hotel does not just offer the upmost breathtaking traditional elegance, but also grants you VIP access to Monte Carlo's famous casino, but is central to all the unbelievable shopping Monaco has to offer. Unbelievably breathtaking hotel that offers an ambience that you have to witness and experience in person, even if only popping in for a drink at the famous Jazz bar attached to the hotel.

Third option as for any city is if traveling in a bigger group, look into renting out an apartment or house during your stay. This time of year, many locals are more than willing to rent out their personal and private estates or properties through sites like This allows for a more local and unique experience.

  • Eat/Drink

Where to begin...Monaco offers some of the worlds most beautiful and exclusive dining experiences in the world, but I found a few of my favourites to be these. My absolute favorite dining experience I had while in Monaco was at Buddha-Bar Monte Carlo. This exotic and upscale dining experience is a MUST when in Monaco. From the delicious and contemporary Asian infused food, to the after dinner nightlife experience afterwards, every bit of it is worth it.

Another favorite of ours is Bar American. This traditional famous Jazz bar just has a certain socialite ambience that makes for you feeling right at home. It's where we go to grab a few cocktails or glasses of wine, relax and listen to the sometimes live music, or perfectly suitable jazz before heading out on the town. This bar is attached to the beautiful Hotel De Paris, which makes for it to be that much more of a Must Do when attending Monaco, especially during the Grand Prix.

Ready for a beautiful brunch on the beach? Then you need to try out Elsa Monte Carlo Beach. This Michelin star restaurant will not disappoint. Aside from it fabulous chic contemporary design, we found the waterfront views to be gorgeous. Great for a truly elite dining experience.

  • Things To 

THIS YOU CAN NOT MISS. It's a newer concept taking over Monaco and it was by far our favorite. Sunset Monaco offers a chic beach party experience with the hottest music. This all white party is every reason to go to Monaco and get crazy under the sun. Make sure to book a table and enjoy the hottest beach party in Monaco....I know we did!

Monaco has a variety of lifestyle leisure activities depending on what you prefer. Think you have what it takes? Then stop by the notorious and prestigious Casino Monte-Carloand put your skills to the test. Being that Monaco is one of the world's luxury capitals we decided to do a little shopping after gambling at the Monte-Carlo Pavilions. A truly unique shopping experience. 

  • Things To Know

Monaco Grand prix is one of the most desired places to be in the world. Its important that you realize all reservations and bookings need to happen months in advance, nobody wants to have to couch surf...Ha!

The letter I woke up to by Prince Charming himself...How Romantic is he??

Side Note: Sorry for the low quality and limited images, these photos were all taken before I started my blog and had no idea I would later start one...ahhhh!

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