Shooting With RayKay In Miami

Shooting With RayKay In Miami

Since moving to Norway from my my home base in Miami Beach, Modeling has not really been too much on the radar for this girl. Swimsuit modeling was something that I enjoyed during my days of living in Miami beach and Tampa, Fl. as mostly what started off as just a hobby. However, as you might have imagined, Norway doesn't exactly pave the way for a beach friendly photoshoot. This reason alone is exactly why when traveling back home to Miami or Tampa, it's fun to link up with great photographers and brands and get in some new fun and new images. In the infamous words of the typical American "Gotta strike while the iron is hot."

Having been in Norway now for a while, modeling is something I really haven't had much focus on. Maybe because I'm a little unsure about the industry here in the scandinavian region, or simply just because Scandinavia doesn't exactly seem to be at the top of the list for producing swimsuit models, either way, who knows. If there is one thing I am certain about in the industry here in Norway is that Norwegian photographer and director Ray kay is definitely the Cream of the crop! 

Producing some of the most famous music videos in the entertainment industry. Ray has a visionary eye for photography and detail. Ray has also worked with some of the most influential fashion brands here in Scandinavia, so I knew that he was the man I wanted to shoot with and could provide me with what I was looking for. Aside from making a well deserved name for himself in the industry, Ray kay's pictures are eye popping, and deliver a unique quality that is really rare. After just one look of his portfolio, I knew he was exactly what I wanted to shoot my new blog images...So that's exactly what we did.

I traveled to Miami, Ray and I set up a shoot and a location, and we were off. Shooting with him was a breath of fresh air, as he makes it very obvious how passionate he truly is for his work right off the bat. He's very professional , and he knows the exact images and ambiance he wants to capture, needless to say it doesn't take long for him to nail that vision. Shooting at the gorgeous Nikki Beach in Miami, and collaborating with SOAH made the shoot literally, picture perfect and blog worthy.

Now, I'd be lying if I said that there wern't some laughs and struggles throughout the day. Being that it has been sooooo long that I had been in The ocean of Miami Beach, I completely underestimated the force of the waves. Haha. As we were trying to capture a graceful and alluring photo of myself walking out of the water onto the beach, well lets just say stumbling, getting knocked over, and almost tumbling are some pretty great words to come to mind when describing this part of the shoot. But of course, Ray Kay was extremely professional and patient, and worked with me as him and I were a force against the waves! No matter the little challenges, shooting with Ray Kay was fun, relaxed, and produced some really stunning photos. My compliments and all credit goes to Ray and the talented photographer that he is, Thanks Ray!

A few behind the scenes pics. I wish I took more, but oh well, there's always next time! Shop all my looks in this photoshoot down below.


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