Leather & Lace

Lately it's all about the perfect and effortless combo of lace meets leather.I literally can't get enough. Such a great Go to combo for nights you're wanting to bring out the inner edgy meets vixen kinda vibes. This look is just about fool proof. Throw on your favorite stiletto boot heels like I did here, or try your favorite classic black pump, either way, you're sure to look fierce and ready for a night out. 

Now, I am completely well aware that Spring is here, but I just cant seem to get enough of my wine colored lips...even during the beginning of Spring. My excuse is that I can get away with still pulling off the leather, all black, and wine lips due to now living in a more colder climate. Here in Oslo, Spring doesn't really come to stay for another month or so, leaving colder days still upon us. It may be not as warm as I would like it to be just yet, but at least the weather allows for me to get a few more solid weeks in with my deep black layers, and Burgundy wine lips! See, there really is a silver lining to every cloud! 


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