Show Me The Acai

Mmmmmm.... Acai Bowls....sweet acai puree topped and layered with fresh fruit, nuts or seeds, oatmeal, maybe some coconut shavings or cinnamon..the skies the limit! What is there possibly not to love about an acai bowl? It's heaven in health food form, and that's my kinda food! It seems for me that acai bowls are my go to sweet treat for a healthy and balanced indulgence. I absolutely love the days when I'm strolling into my favorite local acai bowl and Smoothie shop ( The Juicery), and my biggest decision of the day is weather I'll be satisfying my infamous smoothie cravings, or diving into my beloved acai bowl!

As many people now know, the acai berry is considered to be a super food. It is a high antioxidant food  that fights against aging, acts as a inflammatory, helps to increase energy and prevents heart disease, just to name a few health benefits. A super food that not only contains numerous heath benefits, but tastes great too?! Sign me up! This is exactly why I have turned to acai bowls as my sweet pleasure. Healthy and delicious, this is definitely a a food worth incorporating into your new healthy lifestyle, however, just like everything in life, they should be enjoyed in moderation.

Although completely delicious, acai bowls are a complete sugar bomb! They should be enjoyed consciously. A good rule of thumb when it comes to the acai bowl, is to make sure to eat only about what you could fit into a cup. Anytime I purchase an acai bowl from The Juicery, which are actually pretty big, I make sure to have someone to share it with, or save the leftovers for the next day. One acai bowl from Juicery can last me up to two, maybe even three days! Even though the source of sugar in these sweet treats is all natural, at the end of the day, sugar is still sugar, and should be consumed in moderation.

If you haven't started already, try and start to add a little acai in you life, especially for those days when that sweet tooth is in high drive. Most juice places will likely always have acai bowls or some form of acai. Try it out! whether making it at home, or stopping into your favorite local juice spot, it's guaranteed to never disappoint. Just a little food for thought!

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