Summer Bikini Beauty Regime

Alrighty girls, I couldn't wait to write this post. As women, I think we can all agree how much we LOVE yet sometimes kinda dread summer. I know what you're asking yourself, but who in the world could hate summer?! Yeah, I completely agree except for the facet that I would be lying if I didn't say that I had my days where the LAST thing I want to do is throw on a swimsuit! I am the BIGGEST summer girl you will ever meet. I practically LIVED in a swimsuit before I made the transition to Norway being that I am a Florida native, and when placed beside or on a beach, well, GOOD LUCK getting me to leave! haha. I'm all about staying in bikini bod shape, keeping your skin healthy & youthful, and having the perfect amount of glow year round, however at some point we all face skin issues or unwanted stubborn hair growth that makes a day at the beach ANYTHING but....well, A BEACH! 

I have to say that I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with typically pretty even and healthy skin, but even I find that I have days where blemishes appear, or an unwanted razor rash suddenly makes it's debut to where I may be uncomfortable throwing on a swimsuit. Well, NO MORE! Below, Ive listed all of my favorite summer bikini beauty regime products & tools. Since using these products, I'm seriously beach ready at any point and on any given day. I maintain a healthy glow while feeling that my skin is silky soft, even, and the best part is that there is no unwanted razor burn or stubborn hair growth to be seen. AMAZING!!!! 

SO, my DAHHHLINGS... let me introduce you to my little summer friends...

*First and foremost, let me introduce you to the iLIGHT by Remington. This professional permanent hair removal tool is a MUST HAVE! I'm absolutely crazy about this tool. Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving, unwanted razor bumps/rash, and the upkeep of waxing. This gem has been a total lifesaver and REALLY WORKS!

*My second summer bikini body beauty secret is my REVEAL wet & dry rotating body brush also by remington. I have been using this body polisher in the shower before applying any self tanners. It really helps to deeply exfoliate the skin to give your skin an even and silky smooth finish. Before applying spray tan is especially when I use this the most. It helps to keep and maintain your tan longer. It's just an all around ultimate positive to add to your weekly beauty regime.

*And to finish off my Summer bikini beauty regime I'd like to also properly introduce you to Selfie Glow. I'm always PRO self tanners. I never go out of my way to willingly harm my skin. I'd like to keep my skin as youthful & healthy as possible. This is why I stopped exposing my skin to the suns harmful rays years ago. In fact, the ONLY time you'll really catch me soaking up some major vitamin D is when I'm either on vacation or having an occasional layout session once, maybe twice a year. Its a tough position, I love to be tan, yet i DONT want to harm my skin...what's a girl to do?! Well, thank goodness for spray tans & self tanners. After soooo many trial runs with so many different self tanners, I have hands down found this one to be the best option. SELFIE GLOW gives a natural looking tan and is completely SCENT FREE! yasss, finally a self tanner that does not give off a terrible scent, and is also streak free. I love the dark, rich natural tan it gives my skin, and is beyond one of the most affordable self tanners I have ever come across. There are so many cute and awesome products from Selfie glow, instant 1 hour express tanning mousse, to tan n' go sunless spray (which is by far my favorite...I love the sprays). Check them out, I'm sure you're going to fall in love just like I did.

*Well, There you have it...My best kept beauty secrets this summer. If you have any questions, or need any help/advice, don't be afraid to ever reach out. I love hearing from you guys, and am happy to help in any way that I can! I've linked all my beauty regime products in the text! Happy Summer Everyone!

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