Transitioning Into Spring

Not yet spring, not still exactly winter. The transitions of different seasons here in Oslo can really confuse the heck out of my wardrobe. With spring now starting to appear every two days with mild colder winter days still making appearances, I've decided to mix it up. I've Paired spring bright whites with a winter neutral turtle neck, and some new trendy and so comfy white loafers from Les Deux. Warm enough to endure the cold, but bright enough to welcome in the spring season. Let me just tell you, I have never been a girl for any form of sneakers other than for the gym, but Scandinavia has changed my ways. I'm learning to incorporate sneakers into different looks since heels and sandals are very impractical here in Norway. It's often cold, and you walk a lot in Norway amongst old cobblestone roads. Yup, Im turning in my everyday sandals and heels for loafers and sneakers for my casual day looks. So European! I'm definitely not in florida anymore. This is all great, but want to hear the best news?! My sunglasses are the exact style I've been looking for all over, and of all places I came across them at Aldo...for $12! I couldn't believe it! Although my exact pair are now discontinued, i've linked similar ones below. I'm not one for only wearing high end brands and clothing. I buy what I like, a $10 dollar pair of sunglasses makes me just as happy as a $400 pair. Fashion is what you buy, style comes from within, so always make it a point to be confident in your style..and NEVER let labels define you.

Now, enough about the outfit, lets talk about mine and Nicolai's hidden little wine spot that we often go to for a quite night alone. Hidden in the heart of Frogner, is the most quaint and charming rustic courtyard. The courtyard is filled with old country chic stylings, and an array of plants and beautifully sculpted pottery. It's truly beautiful. Within this small courtyard lies our local wine spot Koloni Hagen. Serving as an organic market, peaceful wine spot and organic restaurant featuring seasonal dishes, this place is one of my FAVORITES in all of Oslo. The best part about this place is how tasteful and tranquil the interior and atmosphere truly are. This restaurant location used to serve as an old horse stable. Somehow, they have managed to keep an old stable feel combined with rustic trimmings, and touched with class. I can't help but to feel that I'm hidden away in some remote garden far far away, yet, Im really in the middle of a capital busy city. I absolutely love it, and really wanted to share it with all of my fellow Norwegians that have not yet had the chance to experience it. I love it, and I'm sure you will too!


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