Bubbles & Brunch Saturday Vibes

Brunch so hard mimosa wanna find me...Yeah, that sounds about right whenI think of this past Saturdays brunch. Champagne, amazing energy, good food and awesome music. These are just a few of the many reasons why Champagnes brunches at Bølgen & Moi Briskeby have become a new favourite thing of mine here in Oslo. If there is one thing Oslo knows how to do, it's definitely throwing some of the best Champagne brunches. 

Anytime I attend one of these brunches, I can always be sure to start my day off with the Caesar salad. Here in Norway, Caesar salads seem to be a huge thing. You can almost be certain to find one on just about any menu at any restaurant throughout the city. Although there are a ton of options when it comes to the classic Caesar salad,Bølgen & Moiis hands down my favorite one. As an American, Thanks to Bølgen & Moi, I've even learned to love the whole Norwegian twist on this classical salad, by adding bacon. Yum!!!

After brunch, it's a sure thing to run into tons of friends and socialites throughout the city as the place starts to fill up and people start to come for the party. It's just a known thing that you're bound to run into some familiar faces. Bølgen & Moi brunch on Saturdays is definitely the place to be. My friend Linni and I were wanting a little early afternoon fun and some socialising, so we rounded up the guys, and set off to the brunch. Crazy fun afternoon with the best of company, wine and lots of champagne, does it really get any better than that!?

Here in Norway, It's usual to be seen wearing a very posh and conservative style, usually consisting of classic and darker colors. This day I just happen to be leaning more towards my trendier mood, and decided to wear my new black mesh long sleeve shirt from Urban Outfitters, with a bralette underneath. I paired my new top with a black high waisted leather skirt, black stockings, and my suede Dark burgundy thighs high boots. I finished the look off with a black velvet choker, and some layering effect silver accessories. A fun, trendy, and yet cool kinda vibe....and that my friends, Was the outfit of the day! Get the look below.


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