Mid Summer & Flower Crowns

Thanks to RedBull Simply Cola  & The Thief
for providing a great rooftop celebration, I was finally able to get a 
taste here in Oslo for a proper Midsummer celebration. Styling my look 
for this event was some of the most fun I have ever had in putting 
together a festive look. Florris Tjuvholmen and the sweet girls working there were so great at working with me to create a bohemian inspired custom flower crown (kudos to them, because I can get quite picky.haha). I wanted to put a little spin on the traditional flower crown and look,which is why I chose to go a bit more boho luxe for this event. For my 
outfit, I chose to wear my new two piece boho ruffle crop and pants from SOAH (which I cant get enough of). Between the outfit, my festival styled hair, and my custom made crown, I was more than happy with my overall achieved look. It was a fun day spent at the Thief Rooftop with awesome friends, and so many summer themed cocktails and appetizers. 

So first, there's celebration prep. I went for a more wild & beach wave inspired hair look to match my crown (video hair tutorial coming soon!

And so I finally got to celebrate my first Midsummer Eve, or "Summer Solstice" here in Scandinavia. I've heard so much about this Scandinavian tradition that if it weren't for the fact of it representing summer now being half way over, I probably would have danced around a flower pole and sang my little heart out, as the Swedish do on this particular day.This day is celebrated because it is the turning point for the summer sun. It means that each day up until this point we gained more and more sunlight. Now, it will be less and less sunlight on a daily basis, ultimately leading us back into dark winters (NOOO!!!). The summer sun here in Norway is AMAZING! we get sunlight almost all 24 hours of the day, with the sun never truly setting. It's truly unbelievable, and makes for social events and gatherings in the city to never really come to a complete hault, if the weather permits. So, as you can Imagine Oslo is extremely lively during summer, which is why I truly believe that in Summer, there is no better place to be.

Although Midsummer Eve is not heavily celebrated here in Norway, you can still find celebrations, rooftop parties, bonfires, and festivals going on all throughout the city. Truth be told, midsummer eve is more special and heavily celebrated in Sweden. Considering Sweden does not actually have a national day, they by far make up for it by celebrating Midsummer. All this hype and instagram craze over flower crowns (lets face it, were all obsessed) well, we have the Swedish to thank for that. The flower crown dates all the way back to old tradition when the Swedish girls would wear a flower crown and dance around a decorated flower pole as part of their Midsummer traditional costume and custom.

Every year on Midsummer Day, girls and young women are supposed to pick seven different species of flowers and lay them under their pillows. The old tale says that at night, their future husbands appear to them in a dream. This day is supposed to be a day of Magical love. 

And so, I thank you Scandinavia for introducing this American girl to some of the most impressive customs, holidays, and traditions I have ever experienced. I'm forever grateful!. Cheers to Midsummer!!

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