Ralph Lauren Inspired

Ralph Lauren. One of my all time favorite classic style's. This look not only never goes out of style, but also is so easy to achieve. So you want the look, but don't want the price tag that comes along with it? Then consider me your saving grace! I've provided all my outfit details below just for you. I love Ralph Lauren for all of it's classic beauty and I'm sure you will too. By adding a trendy pair of heels & a hat, I gave a classic look a little bit of spice, which I prefer. Give it spice or keep it classic with the basic leather heel...it's completely up to you. the heels are unfortunately last seasons, so I suggested below another pair from Zara as well that will work for the look. I have a ton of fun styling my own shoots and watching the overall look come together. Nothing better than seeing your own visions come to life. 

Photo Credit: A Wide Mountain production

Hair Credit: Tim Former/ Inch salon

A little behind the scenes action with my hair stylist & number one...Goofballs!


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