America, I'm Coming Home!

If you've been wondering why I have completely fallen off the face 
of the earth, We'll I've been a little busy, and here is why....

It's here! The day is here! I can't believe it!! ahhhh!!  I say this with complete and overwhelming happiness, but also with tremendous sadness. Nic and I have been keeping a pretty big secret (aside from close friends & family) for quite a while now, and it feels sooooo nice to finally let the cat out of the bag...America,I"M COMING HOME....and I'm bringing a certain handsome Norwegian with me!!!!!!

Bittersweet. This is the word that consistently comes to mind every time I'm asked how it feels to be moving back home. The truth is, I honestly believe a huge part of the reason I kept this a secret for so long was the simple fact of not truly knowing how even felt about it. I thought long and hard day in and day out on how to write this post, and how to best express myself through words when it came to my feelings of moving back home, but I've come to realize that there is no simple or easy way of writing this post. I realized I just had to let my heart do all the's all so bittersweet.

Exactly two and a half years.....That's all it took....exactly two and a half years for me to fall in love with Norway, two and a half years for me to create some of the best friendships I have ever known, two and a half years for me to become part of a family that knows no barriers when it comes to the love they have for one another, two and a half years to build a lifetime of unforgettable memories with close friends and family, and most importantly.....two and a half years for me to embark on a new chapter of experiencing some of the best years of my life with the Norwegian man I fell in love with....and for all of this Norway, I thank you. I thank you for allowing me to take in your undeniably breathtaking views and nature, giving me a real and true sense for the word "Koselig", and most importantly, for introducing and accepting me into your culture. It's always been a dream of mine to live abroad in Europe for an extended period of time, and I'm happy I got to spend that time with you Norway, You will forever be my second home, and always have a special place in my heart.

I remember it all as if it were just yesterday. I was a small town girl, living life in the heart of all the chaos of Miami Beach when I met the most genuine, interesting, handsome, caring guy alive. After quickly falling in love we made the life altering decision to start a new Chapter together here in Oslo, Norway. Two and a half years ago, I packed my whole life into just two suitcases and one carry on, left everything and everyone I knew behind, and found myself on the next eight our direct flight into Oslo, Norway. It's hard to believe it's been two and a half years ago that I took the biggest chance life has presented me with yet. I remember being so nervous, nervous of how things might or could possibly end up. Considering I left everything behind, my furniture, my apartment, I sold my car.....This all left me the the real stomach churning reality of things possibly not working out, leaving me to return to the states with my tail between my legs and with no other choice than to start a life all over from scratch. This terrified me, but what terrified me even more is the thought of never giving Nic and I that chance that we deserved to start a life together, and having to live a lifetime with the question "what if" hanging over my head. Sure, a million things could go wrong, but a million things could also go right! To me, Nothing could ever scare me more than ever having to live a life full of regrets and "what if's". You only have one life to live, and I plan on living mine to the fullest as humanely possible. In my opinion the recipe for a happy life is not the amount of money you have in your bank account, it's not the designers or labels that you wear, this is all short term happiness. Long term happiness comes from the experiences that you get to live. Experience all and everything you possibly can and open yourself up to new ideas and possibilities, this is what gives me my ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

I often get asked, "weren't you scared to move to a whole different country?" My response has always been and will always be..."Not at all." Moving to Norway in no way, shape, or form ever scared me, I guess I can partially contribute that to me gypsy soul kind of nature. I love experiencing new things, and opening my mind up to new and interesting ways of thinking, living, and learning. For me, this (other than knowing I had nothing to go back to if it didn't work out) did not scare me a bit, in fact, it's the best choice I've ever made. I've now had the opportunity to live out one of my lifelong dreams of living abroad, and with the one person I couldn't imagine doing it without. Life in Oslo, Norway has been my ultimate eye opener, life experience, and dream come true. Norway is a beautiful country inside and out, from its majestically scenic fjord and northern light views, all the way to the great, humble people living in it...I couldn't recommend visiting Norway at least once in your lifetime enough. A peaceful, beautiful, accepting, civilized country that we could all learn a thing or two from. And so, these are the thoughts I'm left with as I pack my bags once again, and set off to head back home, starting a whole new exciting chapter...

Ready for sun dresses and beach days!

And so Miami, here we come!!! So what ultimately made us decide on Miami, you might ask? A lot of factors came into play when Nic and I chose where we would be transitioning to when it came to the states. He is such a NYC guy, and I'm such a California girl (At least I day!) Right now we just felt that Miami would be the best hub for us getting acquainted with life together in the states. Nic and I will have to be back and forth to Norway quite often, and it's no secret that Miami is the shortest direct flight between the two continents. All of my family lives in Florida, we both know the ins and outs of Miami making it easier for us to navigate and get a head start on our new life, and for me, the simple fact that Nic and I have a ton of Norwegian and American friends that live in Miami was definitely a huge bonus. Might I add that I'm a TOTAL BEACH GIRL!! Miami just seemed to be the smartest option, and a no brainer at this point in time. Well, okay....maybe I should just come clean already and let you know that the REAL and ONLY reason we chose Florida, was solely because of my die hard love for the PUB SUB!!! haha. Anyone that knows me, KNOWS how I just cant get enough of these carb induced, perfectly pickled, heavenly sandwiches....If you ever plan on traveling to Florida, do yourself a favor and try one of of Publix's famous Pub sub's, you can thank me later!

Suddenly.....And all the excitement comes to an 
abrupt halt. Nic and I were scheduled to fly out today, meaning that in 
just roughly over eight hours we would have been taking our first steps 
into our new home and getting situated overlooking the beautiful views 
of Miami's coastline, possibly grabbing a nice cappuccino while furniture shopping, 
or maybe even measuring our new windows for the right sized 
curtains....however, hurricane Irma had "OTHER" plans. We got the news 
late yesterday afternoon that our flight had been canceled due to 
hurricane Irma that is predicted to hit Miami Sunday Afternoon. As a 
category four hurricane approaches Miami, I cant help but to be 
terrified for the people of Florida, especially Miami, where this is the
place that is supposed to get it the worst. With such hurricane force 
winds, I can only hope that Nic and I will have the chance to finally 
make it to our new home next week. Hoping we have the Miami that I had 
in mind to return to, and not a war torn city that has been destroyed by
a catastrophic hurricane Irma. Thinking of you all In Florida, please 
stay safe everyone! The timing on us moving to the states may be a 
little off, but It's still an overwhelming feeling to know that In 
approximately just one short week, I will be returning home. 

See you soon, America!!!

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