Diaries Of: The Foreign Life

Life as I know it has once again completely turned upside down, but who's complaining? 

My journey back to my home country and state of sunny Florida these past couple of months has been nothing short of “It’s great to be home”, even more amazing to see friends and family, but mostly…..INCREDIBLE to feel the heat of the Florida sun and warmth upon my skin during the Autumn months, which is currently snowing conditions in Norway! Foreign love is such a bittersweet experience, let me explain to you why…..

It seems that maybe subconsciously I prefer to live my life more in the gray zone, rather than most, that live in the black and white, but hey, I accepted that fact about myself a long time ago. For the past year, few other than my closest friends and family knew, that I have been patiently waiting on a reply in regards to my residency visa. What this means is that for the past year, my life has completely been put on hold. Norway (and I'm assuming many, if not all countries) do not permit you to leave the country while waiting on a response. That means, no traveling outside of the borders to see my family and friends, no summer vacation, no vacations or traveling outside of the country, period.

There may not have been too much of a summer vacation this past year, or much traveling at all due to the status of my visa, however, the wait and sacrifice is, and will be worth it. To finally officially start a life with the man I fell in love with, become a functioning member of society, and basically get the ball rolling in this little chaotic, beautiful thing I call life. If I was going to be waiting around on a response from UDI, then I figured, why not make the best of my time?

So, like a good little girl, I eagerly enrolled into Norwegian intensive language courses, anything to keep may mind sharp and myself active. At this point, I have made a life for myself, and believe it or not, this past year, Oslo has begun to finally feel like HOME. I had my schedule of classes I attended on a daily basis, my daily workout classes at my awesome gym, I have my friends circle that I contribute much of my happiness to, I have a very encouraging and caring man by my side, and most importantly, Ive learned my way around the grocery stores, and the city itself for all of my shopping, and much needed beauty products/services! haha. Hey, a girls gotta live! Life was looking great, and still is…However, just as you might have suspected….SPEED BUMP!!! Life sure does have a way sometimes of slapping you in the face when all feels too perfect. It's life's own way of saying “GOTCHA, now welcome back to reality my dear.” Just about two months ago, thats exactly what happened.

Nic and I The Thief during his surprise birthday party shortly before the "speed bump" happened.

Nic had returned from NYC just two days prior of getting the news….the news that would drastically change our lives for the next few months. I remember the day that, I myself, received the news. Nic was sweet enough to pick me up from class that day, and break the news softly to me over one of my favorite meals at one of my beloved lunch spots in Oslo. It was then I heard the words of Nicolai himself…” Babe, how do you feel about taking a few months vacation?” I mean come on, my heart heard the word vacation, and immediately died of excitement (Like any girl would), however, was quickly reminded by my brain that I had just started school and am currently still waiting on my visa, this was all just too bad of timing, or too good to be true, either way, something was up. I then asked Nic, “How could this be? Has my visa been granted finally?”  In a soft and sympathetic voice he explained to me that it was exactly the opposite, and I had exactly one day to pack my bags and leave the country.” “What?!?!?!?!”, I asked in a broken and confused voice, as I began to almost choke (gracefully, I'd like to think..haha) due to lack of oxygen after receiving this news. Yikes! The only questions that went through my mind at that exact point in time was simply “How could this be?” or “What could have gone wrong?”
Apparently, there had been an issue with my paperwork in regards to the timing it had been received. Therefore, we hired a lawyer immediately. Yes, an immigration lawyer!Now there are certainly two words I honestly never in a million years thought that I would ever associate with my own life. We were reassured by our lawyer that it was not our fault, yet, more of a lack of communication on their part. Immigration issues? An immigration lawyer? Apparently, applying for residency is not as easy as one may think, and this for me, was stepping into unknown territory! I'm a firm and whole hearted stubborn believer, and always have been, that anything in life worth having, is most definitely worth fighting for. Instead of letting the negative thoughts of being separated from my other half for months on end for the first time in our lives consume me, I found the silver lining in this unexpected, gray, and burdensome cloud.
Nic and I spent a great cozy night together, reassured one another that there was nothing to be concerned about. What is a couple of months being separated from one another compared to a lifetime of happiness? Absolutely nothing! In hindsight, I realized how much I had been missing my friends and family back in the States, no matter how much Oslo has become like home. A trip home was very much needed after a year of being bound to the borders of Norway. Although devastated at the fact of being separated for months on end, I knew Nic would come to visit at least once a month. What should have maybe been viewed as a negative by many, suddenly and quickly became more of a positive. The idea of feeling the Florida sun, Seeing my old friends, spending time with my family, American shopping, American EATING! Haha. Yes, I was so ready to gorge on all the Auntie Anne’s pretzels my health conscious butt could get my hands on! Hey, year long cravings are some SERIOUS cravings!! That night, I packed my bags, and mentally prepared for the next few months ahead. Life at that very moment was challenging...yes, but nonetheless, reassuring and surprisingly content.

What is a couple of months being separated from one another compared to a lifetime of happiness? Absolutely nothing! 

The following morning I was on my flight back home to Tampa, FL. Here I would spend a month catching up with the people I love most, and in a weird kinda reassuring sense, find myself again. Independence was to be regained in just a short few months, and I was up for the task. My boyfriend is amazing, and we do everything together, however I do believe that it’s healthy and necessary for each party to once in a while be reminded of who they are without the other. It’s what brings the spice into the relationship. Nicolai came to visit me in Miami after a month of being apart and that was probably one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. We completely fell in love all over again. To the point of actually getting completely and utterly NERVOUS as I knew he was on his way from the airport, over to me, to finally be reunited. Last minute curling of the hair, Checking my makeup to make sure not even a single lash was out of place, to slipping on the new ensemble I had just purchased specifically for this night, Oh yeah, I was a frantic Mess! I just hope a beautiful mess at least..hehe! Funny thing is, I couldn't recommend this experience more to every single couple out there. I cried, he may, or may not have shed a few, (shhhh...) and the rest of the night was spent truly getting lost in one another eyes….As Cliche as that might sound. It was pure happiness!

As I sit here now, in Miami,FL writing this exact post, I cant help but to smile and truly remember that although life may not always go your way, or how you planned at that very moment, learn to embrace the present, learn to fight back when life wants to push you down, and NEVER give into despair when faced with a challenge. Heads up ladies, life is what you make of it and you only have one to live, so you better make it count! Here's to the next couple of months....

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