Life Is One Big Mystery, And I Love It!

Life Is One Big Mystery, And I Love It!

Here I am, Just a girl living my every day life as I normally do, except these days in a whole new perspective. The perspective of a foreigner. Wow, did I…ME, really just say that? The one thing I thought would always be certain about my life is the fact that I would be born, raised in ,and living out my life in America. The idea of ever becoming a foreigner and living life in a foreign country was never really something I could ever see coming. Have I always wanted to travel? Absolutely. Did I ever consider living abroad for a short, but extended period of time? Of course. Did I ever think that maybe one day I would up and move to Norway with the possibility of it being my forever home? NoWay! Has my life brought me to travel down some unexpected, and less traveled roads? Apparently it has, and for all the right reasons.

You see, if there is one thing that I feel the universe has spoken loud and clearly directly to me is, “Life Never goes according to plan”, and oh boy, is that not the truth. As a matter of fact, I don't recall anything in my whole life EVER going according to plan. Now, In no way am I complaining about any aspect of my life, in fact I'm doing the exact opposite. In my 27 years here on this earth, I have learned to embrace and have grown to love the uncertainty that life has to offer, and all the adventures that come along with it. Yes, its true, I have and still do continue to face my own challenges by living in a foreign country, but the things I have gained by becoming more optimistic, is far more worth any struggle that could ever come to mind. I have gained the love that I truly feel is a “ Once in a lifetime”  love. The love of not just a man that I respect, adore and admire, but the love of truly, my best friend. 

Nicolai and I speak so often about how we met. About how at any second at any moment one of us could have taken two minutes longer in the shower that night, or made a wrong turn down a road on the path to making it to our dinner plans (separate) that night. ANYTHING could have happened that night to create an obstacle that lead me to never meet Nicolai, and witness what true love really is. But instead, it’s as if the universe reached right out to me, paved the way, and made every second of every minute that night so perfectly conducted, that it allowed for me to meet the man of my dreams outside of a restaurant, while waiting for a taxi, most certainly not looking for love. Think about it! What are the chances of a Norwegian man in town for business, for one week in Miami meeting a girl that is originally from Tampa, Florida outside of a restaurant that she was leaving as he was walking into, if not for fate? Just think about it. Somethings are just meant to happen, and when they do, you'll be thanking the “if’s” that are associated with the word “tomorrow.”

And so it all begins, with the new gratitude I have for all of life's uncertainty, I cant help but to appreciate it more and more. I think people all too often look at negatives and turn what could be embraced as a beautiful thing, and what makes life worth living, as such a worrisome thing. So,to the girl at home feeling lonely, maybe tired, maybe even beaten down by what she thinks life has to offer…here is my advice to you. Get up, put a smile on that face, walk out of your door radiating with positivity and peace of mind for the fact that today is a new day! Today you are going to encounter many new people, each of a different background, different story to tell, different walk of life. Take it in, take it all in. With each new day, brings a new opportunity. The love of your life could be sitting at your next coffee shop stop, or maybe even your next future best friend, or who knows, maybe prince charming might even be waiting for you as you're leaving dinner with your girlfriends waiting on a taxi. haha. Who’s to say? Stop looking at life with clouded judgement, and all the things it DOESN’T want to give you. Maybe you've been too blinded by the negatives that you're focusing on to actually realize or accept all of the fortunes life is TRYING to give you. 

The night I met Nicolai, is a night that will vividly live in my memory and bring me so much happiness for the rest of my life. That night I remember clear as day, IALMOST canceled on the dinner I, yes me, had put together for myself and three of my girlfriends, simply because I was feeling a little tired, and actually a little lost that night. Many things in my life were just a little too up in the air for me, and it was bringing on a wave of anxiety I felt I couldn't control. Once I finally made the call as an attempt to cancel The dinner I had planned, my friends made me realize that I need to stick to my word as an adult, but especially and more importantly, as a friend. I remember walking out of my door feeling very tired, consumed by life's uncertainty, causing me to feel not my normal self. As cozy as my sofa and movie night by myself sounded, I marched out the door to join the girls for a nice little dinner at a local new spot that had just opened. It turned out to be a really great dinner, with a lot of laughs. I couldn't help but to think how happy I was that they “Dragged me out.” Already content with the night, my friend and I left the restaurant to make our way home. Thats when suddenly “BAM”, it happened. A car pulled up next to us asking politely if we would like to join for a few drinks at a nearby place. As great of energy that these guys had, I Nicely declined the offer, and I waved down a taxi. To my surprise what popped out of the back of the car to make room for my friend and I to join (apparently thinking we had said YES to the offer) was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. I couldn't help but to be so drawn to his energy, and the way he carried himself. Next thing I knew, Roberta and I joined in on the guys offer and Nicolai and I were lost in conversation all night long under the stars of the open terrace. I will NEVER forget this night, and always cherish it.

Spending my first Christmas with Nicolai in Oslo.  Every choice and turn, or decision I have ever made in my life has lead me to this exact spot. Here, with him.

So you see, If I would have at any point allowed my clouded way of thinking stop me from going to dinner or living life, and allowing my emotions to get the best of me that very night, I would have missed the best opportunity life has offered me yet. The chance to meet my soul mate. But instead, I sucked it up, I walked out of my front door with my head held high, (and heels even higher…such a girl!) and learned that very night to embrace life's Uncertainty’s. After all, it's uncertainty that brought me to the human being I’ve come to love and cherish. 
Still today, now living abroad to be with the one I love, I still continue to experience uncertainty. You will too, and that's okay. It’s what makes life worth living, and leads us to exactly where we are meant to be. I have no idea if were going to remain living in Norway, or move back to the states as of right now, maybe somewhere else in Europe…. Who knows, the point is.. this time around I’m going to embrace it. I’m embracing all the curve balls, and uncertainty life has to offer. It’s when you're more open to the ways of the universe that you can then except and acknowledge all that it’s wanting to grant you. So today, as should you, I’m going to sit back, count my blessings, and ultimately see what tomorrow brings!

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