Back To The Basics With Coconut Oil

Back To The Basics With Coconut Oil

I'll be the first to admit....when it comes to me and my love for coconut oil, there are no boundaries. I use this, what I like to refer to it as "miracle oil" for literally EVERYTHING! I use it on my skin as an intensive and natural moisturizer, a majority of my cooking, a bi-weekly hair treatment, and the list goes on.

If you're anything like me, you were exposed to the magical and beneficial world of coconut oil a little late, or perhaps, just recently, and for those of you that have yet to be introduced.....Let me have the honor of introduction, you can thank me later. It's never too late to start now.

I have been an avid coconut oil user for years now, I have sworn by it, using it in my daily cooking preparations. Although, packed with essential and healthy fatty acid, which makes it great for food preparation, I failed to realize the other multiple uses for it outside of the kitchen until about six months ago. It's a complete game changer. It's a basic essential that's commonly overlooked. As a society we tend to overlook basic, and organic options in a world consumed with high end beauty products, life enrichining claimed fancy oils, and marketing tactics. Sometimes, all you really need to do is to just take a step back, and to realize and take full advantage of the nature of our earth. This is why were taking it back to the basics with Coconut Oil and listing some of the life changing benefits it has to offer. 

Great for Cooking

Coconut oil is one of the best substitutes for butter or any alternative cooking oil. If your looking for a healthier lifestyle and healthier options in the kitchen, then look no further. Coconut oil is loaded with essential and healthy fat. Studies have shown that populations around the entire world that generally eat more coconut oil are healthier. Use it for cooking, roasting, baking, frying, whichever you prefer, you can't go wrong.

  • Burning Fat

Say goodbye to your over the counter fat burners, and latest diet trends, and hello to the basics. Its a fact that coconut oil is high in medium Chain Triglycerides. These are fatty acids that promote a healthier metabolism. These fatty acids provide a healthy energy source while helping to break down that unwanted stored fat.

  • Natural Skin Moisturizer

I for one have given up lotions and tried the more natural and more intense moisturizing approach. After moving to Europe and a much colder climate, I found that no lotion I ever bought, no matter how expensive or recommended ever did the job of keeping my skin moisturised. I can't live without lotion, so I was desperate. After reading all of the benefits of using Coconut Oil on my skin, I decided to give it a try. Six months later, and I haven't looked back. I now use coconut oil on my skin and lips daily. My skin and lips constantly feel smooth and moisturized, and not to mention, I love the natural coconut scent!

  • Promotes Stronger & Healthier Hair Growth

I'll be honest when I say this reason alone was one of the most influential when turning me over to the world of Coconut oil for beauty purposes. For years I had been looking for intense hair products, or treatments that could improve the growth and strength of my hair, like all of us girls do. I used countless treatments and products, high end to natural, you name it, I tried it. I was never fully satisfied until I came across just plain old "Coconut oil". I now use extra virgin coconut oil on my hair bi-weekly. I leave it in for about twenty minutes, or sometimes overnight before washing it out throughly in the morning. My hair has grown tremendously and much healthier. I'll post pics to prove it. So ladies, soak up that oil and let it do its job, I swear by this stuff!

  • Under Eye Cream

Yeah, you heard me right. under eye cream. Although I do still use my beloved face creams, I added this under eye treatment to my nightly routine as well. This is a very inexpensive and at home remedy for those unwanted and tired looking under eye areas. It's truly a perfect solution for someone not wanting to spend a heap load of money on beauty products. It's just as effective and soothing as the expensive eye creams. I usually apply mine at night right before I go to bed, that way I wake up with a fresh glow. Be sure to gently pat, as this is a very sensitive area that requires gentleness.

  • Great Fighter Against The Frizz

Living in a colder and dry climate, this has been my go to saving grace. My hair has never been the frizzy type, but after moving to such a dry climate, that has changed a bit. I found that by rubbing a small amount on the ends of my hair or sometimes throughout it really helps. It helps to not just fight the frizz, but to keep it nourished and shiny. It's important to remember to only use very small amounts, as any oil, when too much applied, it can make your hair look and feel greasy. The thinner your hair, the less you want to use, and never apply to the scalp unless using as a treatment you intend to wash out.

  • Makeup Remover

wow, let me just tell you about my little friend...This has literally been the ULTIMATE makeup remover. I have been using this as my makeup remover since my discovery of this magical oil. Ha! It works perfectly, it removes smoothly, it's gentle, it's natural, it removes the toughest eye makeup effortlessly, and not to mention... a WAY cheaper solution to your monthly purchases of makeup remover. I promise, this one, your going to love.

  • A Little Goes a Long Way

Ah, My favorite benefit, and I'm sure to be yours too. Coconut oil may seem a bit on the expensive side when purchasing at your local Organic food mart, but really, it's not! I buy my coconut oil maybe about bi-monthly. Thats a HUGE savings on lotion, makeup remover, etc. Thats right, One jar goes a long way. One pea sized amount can cover so much surface, leaving this such a money saver and natural essential in anti aging, health, beauty etc. so if your like me and really just wanting a product that delivers quality, is effective and natural, or your on the hunt for a product that caters to your pocket and goes the extra mile, you can't go wrong with  Coconut Oil!

*Side Note: When Purchasing and searching for the best coconut oil, be sure to keep in mind that "Virgin" Or "Extra virgin" usually means the most pure or unrefined.  You want to be able to smell the scent of coconut when opening. This is what I choose to use, and below you can find my preferred oil."


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