Homemade Detox Tea

And so it begins.....The ultimate detox. Yesterday marked the first day of my full body cleanse of this summer. This is probably one of my oldest tricks in the book for burning fat quickly, naturally, and cleansing my body. With summer now here, it's time to get serious and back into the full swing of things, and by this, I mean training. It's definitely no secret that I'm a workout addict, however, my love for health & fitness goes way beyond wanting to look good. It's about treating your body right, fueling it properly, and most importantly, staying healthy. That's the truth. I have a huge passion for life, and If I get the chance, would love to live it as long as possible. This is why I really like to cleanse my body every now and then with this super simple and all natural detox. I believe its really important to charge your bodies batteries and give it a boost every now and then by ridding it of harmful toxins. This tea isn't just great for that, but also great for cutting down fat. All these benefits, and super easy to make? I like to call this "my miracle tea."   Ladies, lemons & celery are now your new best friends! 

It's really important that you drink this tea for three days, drinking three glasses before each meal. I also highly recommend eating light and healthy during this detox for the best results. When I get back into the mode of training daily, I always like to jump start my journey this way, and highly recommend it, if even just to feel a spike in your energy levels. 


2 lbs. lemons

5 celery stalks


First grate the celery, then add it to a pot of boiling water. Add some lemon peels to the pot and simmer on low for about 20 minutes. Let the tea cool, and then strain it. Last, add squeezed lemon juice with the remainder of the lemons to the mixture. Feel free to add more water to dilute it if the taste is a bit too strong. I usually pour the mixture into a pitcher, and fill with cold water up to the brim. I then refrigerate the remainder of the mixture. I always drink mine cold. Somehow, I just think it tastes better that way.

Consider Yourself Warned: THIS TEA WILL NOT TASTE & SMELL GREAT! haha, but hey, its healthy and gets the job done, and that's all that matters

After just a few days of this tea (last detox I did with this tea) combined with working out, and eating clean, It was nice to see results quickly kicking in. I love this detox tea, and all the benefits that come along with it. I can't stress enough about how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle truly is. Nothing compares! I hope that my tea can give you the jump start or motivation you've been waiting for to start working towards your goals. Happy Training & Teatox!

Cheers to flat tummies and morning hair!  haha, you get the point...

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