Get My Everyday Lash Look

The cat is FINALLY out of the bag..... For a couple of years now I have been not only a loyal, but an Avid Ardell Lash fan.  Ardell offers such great quality at such an affordable price. I actually came across these lashes a few years ago by complete accident, but once the discovery was made I have never looked back. 

If you're anything like me, you'll appreciate theses lashes. I am a girl that absolutely loves getting dressed up and looking my best on nights out on the town, and has a deep appreciation and passion for all things beauty. However, lashes were always a fuss for me until I came across these. I wanted to find lashes that looked natural enough to wear throughout the day, yet glamorous and still appearing natural during the night. As much as I love getting dolled up, I also am the type of girl that realizes it is not practical to get fully glammed up to take a trip to the grocery store or running your daily errands, nor do I care to... lets be honest! I was on a hunt to find lashes that catered to my natural light makeup (if any at all) day looks, to my full glamour night look. I found that the mission was harder than I anticipated. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find just natural, easy to apply, light feeling lashes. Every lash I tried felt as if It just wasn't natural, looked a little too glam for my day looks, or was insanely expensive. 

I even turned to getting my lashes professionally done every two weeks. Although the lashes looked great and I was satisfied with the results, I felt they were just a little too impractical. It took me about a year of getting my lashes professionally done for me to realize that it was starting to become more work than pleasure. I had to be careful how I slept, I couldn't go swimming with them in (Try living in Florida and being told this. Ha!) I had to wear eye covers when I showered, and  I had to get them redone every couple of weeks, which meant working around someone else's schedule aside from my own and booking not just an appointment, but freeing up a whole afternoon for the lashes to be applied. I ultimately was just missing my simple, beautiful and easy to apply Everyday lash routine. So naturally, I went back to my old ways....

"The best part is that they are lightweight, feel natural, and look great for those infamous days when you just don't want to wear much makeup."

To get my Everyday light Lash look I recommend that you buy the multipack. They're reusable, and a four pack is always better than just one! The Ardell Natural Demi Wispies are where its at Ladies. You're going to love me for this one! Directly shop the lashes by clicking on the "Shop this post" below and get the look.

Unedited Photo wearing my favorite Lashes for my "Everyday Look"...Enjoy!


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