Make Your Blue Eyes Pop This Spring

Make Your Blue Eyes Pop This Spring

Try out this tiny little trick and colour palette on spring or summer days when your looking for those blue eyes to really stand out and make an impression. 

It's easy, It takes about ten minutes and its the perfect colour combo for a light & fresh spring or summer look...

The eye colour palette for this spring must haves...

Mac's Create your own Shadow Palette. These exact colors I do not have the name for because I've had this eyeshadow palette for about a year now, but I listed the color I think it is. Really any coral shimmery based shadow will do the trick...promise! This coral eye shadow I usually put on the base of my eye, giving my eyes a nice and soft glow. 

  • Naked Eye Shadow Palette. This Palette I highly recommend just for the simple fact that almost all the colors are neutral making it very versatile. With this palette, I put a slightly darker, but neutral brown in the crease and very corners of my eyes. This gives the look more depth, but not too drastic for a bright and natural day look.

  • Sally's Beauty Supply Coral Shimmer Lip CrayonYeah, don't worry, you completely read it right. Hey, don't laugh. I may be wearing lip liner as eye liner, but I can not explain the love I have for this liner! I actually use it on both, my lips, and the under lining of my eye. Not only did I find this product by complete accident, but I have repeatedley gone back for this liner for years due to me loving it so much. I just absolutely love the color. It is definitely the most crucial product when achieving this look. Make sure to blend it well under your eyes, as it will give it a much softer look. Also after applying, try a little bit of soft brown liner to apply just above the coral. It gives it a bit more of a dramatic, but still day friendly look.

To make those baby blues pop, The trick is really, the Sally's Beauty Supply Coral Shimmer Lip Crayon and a little mascara, But to get the entire eye look below, incorporate all of the products mentioned. You'll love it!

Picture taken using the exact color combo given and no editing. Yeah, its thats great!


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