Summer Linen Love

I'm not sure about you guys, but ever since I was a little girl, I always had such a admiration for the older, more classic styles of clothing, you know, like the clothing you would see in old time movies. I'll never forget as a child, some of my favorite movies were older films, not as much for the story line and lovers dialogue as it was for their wardrobe. I distinctly remember loving films that usually took place in an African or Moroccan setting of some sort, and admiring the outfits, like the ones you would see royalty wearing while going through an African safari. I always somehow loved the next outfit even more than the previous. It seemed the entire wardrobe of the actors and actresses in these films consisted of nothing but linen, neutrals, textured patterns, and all around earthy pieces...and I LOVED it.. I would catch myself day dreaming of what it must have been like to get to wear all of those beautiful clothes. (Some girls happen to love prom dresses and ball gowns, I just happen to prefer boho and earthy pieces. Ha!) And so, My obsession with linen and earthy clothing began....

There's just something about linen textured pieces I find to be timeless, absolutely stunning, and NEVER boring. It's pieces like this that allow a woman to walk into a room and make such a statement in such a humble way. It radiates class.

That's why I couldn't be more excited that these linen pieces, and earthy textures are this season hottest trend. I'm LOVING all the class, beauty, cuts, and charm this trend is giving off. This trend is one I just cant get enough of, and I'm going crazy with all the gorgeous new pieces out there. My favorite selection for this style this season has definitely been provided by ZARA, which is where I found this dress, and for under $60! What a STEAL!! So, whether it's a day spent at the beach, or just a casual brunch out on the town, these pieces offer such a great statement in such a casual, yet fashionable way.

P.S. I've linked my new favorite sandals from Soludos that go perfect with everything, along with a few of my favorite affordable dresses (including this one) to help you achieve the look . All items are linked below!


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