Lunch Break At Bianca

Lets face it, as women collectively, the thing we ultimately do best is our lunch and coffee dates. Lunch breaks are no longer just about good food and great company, in today's world the ambiance now plays a key role in making your favorite lunch spot, well, your favorite! This is exactly why I am utterly in love with Bianca at the Delano in Miami Beach.

Aside from the sophisticated chic appearance of the restaurant (that makes the decor junkie inside me fall in love) Bianca has an ambiance that just seems to understand Miami beach and all that it stands for. When traveling to Miami, it's no secret that it's all about the posh dining and relaxation during the day, and the top of the line nightlife Miami has to offer during the late nights.This is what makes Bianca absolutely perfect for meeting your Miami beach expectations for an admirable and local lunch spot. 

Located in the elegant and world famous Delano boutique hotel, this restaurant not only delivers class and alluring views of the pool side garden, but also a rather small yet enticing menu. It's here that you can really kick back, have a bite to eat that satisfies your temptations, and maybe even get some work done on your laptop all while taking in good vibrations of the faint music in the background coming from the chic poolside cabanas. 

Having lived in Miami Beach for a year and returning a couple of times a year til this day, this hotel and restaurant have always and will always be one of my top favorites in all of Miami beach. Capturing a little piece of old Miami in a new modern light, you just can't help but to become infatuated. Whether you're sought out for a little afternoon bubbly and light snack, or a heavier lunch to fulfill those cravings, Bianca has it all. With such a calm and relaxing atmosphere, just like myself, you might find this to be your new lunch work spot.


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