Rome, Sweet Rome

Rome, sweet Rome... What is there not to love?  Endless amounts of pizza, pasta, wine and history. It's been three years since Nic and I last visited Rome, because of this, we thought it would be nice to add a mini trip onto our summer travels this year. Rome is something special being so rich in history, two visits later and I feel we haven't even yet scratched the surface of the history to be explored in this Roman city.

We arrived in Rome very late, because of this and the fact that we had visited and explored this city once before, we decided to take our short couple of days there easy. We focused mainly on strolling around while revisiting a few of the staple historical sites such as the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. After exploring a bit, Nic and I were extremely tired and ultimately just looking for a great meal that wasn't anything too fancy that  would require us to go home and get dressed. Well, to our last minute surprise, we found it! The receptionist at our hotel recommended that we try La Ciambella. I honestly cant say enough about this place. A quaint local gem accompanied with some of the best wine and gourmet pasta I had ever had. 

Fast forward to day two. After a relaxing afternoon spent strolling around and a little bit of shopping, We decided to go for a more lavish dinner. We ended up sticking to our prior reservations and dining at La Pergola in the Waldorf Astoria resortWow! Everything about this place was luxurious, from the panorama views of the city, down to the furnishings and menu. It's no secret that Nic and I love to seek out some of the top places to eat whenever we travel, and this was no disappointment. Just stunning!

After dinner, we decided to head to Zuma (never lets us down) for a few good cocktails before calling it a night and leaving for our next stop that following morning. Zuma is great if you're looking for a good vibe and atmosphere before heading out for a late night in the city.

Although it was a short trip this time, Rome will always have a pizza my heart!

Travel Tip: If ever planning to visit Rome, I would HIGHLY recommend visiting in early Fall if you are able to. Although Rome is such a great city that should be explored whenever given the chance, it is extremely hot and humid during summer months. The heat never really bothers me (as a Florida Native) but I even found myself seeking shade every now and then to escape the heat.

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