Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Surprises!

Lets be honest ladies, a man should never only show his love on special occasions, however I’d be lying if I said waking up to a surprise luxurious delivery from Madame Rosette of freshly boxed red roses, champagne and a beautiful bouquet of custom made balloons didn’t help! Just Sayin’.

For this girl, skip the chocolate, I’m all about the bubbly….

It honestly comes as no surprise at all that Nic was out to make this Valentine’s Day memorable. It’s one of our first Valentines’s Days spent together since living in America. Although we celebrated in Norway the past four years that I lived there (Mainly because I was American) Valentine’s Day is not so commonly celebrated there, and It seemed Nic wanted to take full advantage of the American way….at least for this year, and I’ll soak it up as much as I can while it lasts! Ha! After waking up to my gorgeous Vday delivery from Madame Rosette , Nic and I headed over to the beach for a beautiful lunch on the water and patiently waited for my older brother to arrive, which came to visit from Tampa, FL. After my brother made his safe landed, we all headed to go see a movie and the rest of the night was a big sugared blur. Candy overload! Between my thoughtful fiance’s delivery and getting to spend time with two important men in my life, I honestly could not have had a more perfect Valentine’s Day if I tried.

Ladies, not only does madame Rosette ship nationwide, but it’s obvious how much thought and care they put into every custom order. They honestly go above and beyond your expectations. It’s no wonder Nic decided to go through this accomodating company for another luxurious delivery. The blooms lasted weeks after Vday, and I even decided to keep the box which i now use to store some of my scarves. And yet, another successful delivery by Madame Rosette.

P.S. Bloo,s this pretty deserve some pictures, or a whole photoshoot. haha. Sorry in advance for the picture overload….just could’t help it. Hoping you babes consumed all the cupcakes and bubbly you’re ever willing to admit, lord knows i did.

Cheers, babes!

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