Faux Fur Feels

After Posting and blogging about our recent trip to Copenhagen and receiving a lot of messages in regards to my outfit, I wanted to share the look. It was a short three day trip, so I thought necessary to pack as light as possible. I packed my classic all black layering items with a few accessories, and voila! I had looks for three days long by just simply bringing basics and switching out a few accessories. I absolutely love layering different black textures for a simple and effortless complete look. I felt this look fit well in the city of Copenhagen, and was extremely comfortable for touring the city, and even bicycling through the city streets! who would have thought!? My favorite part about of the whole look is of course, the hat. Like I always say...Accessories make the look. Best part is, this hat from hm is now on sale for only $10!! What a steal! As you all probably guessed, the exact items worn (other than the hat) are last seasons trends, so I have linked similar items below to get the whole look. 

Fun Fact: These photos were captured at the most perfect moment. When exploring and taking photos, we just happen to get caught in the most random and unexpected snow fall. It was short, and lasted only a few minutes, however, everyone throughout the city stopped exactly where they were to appreciate this bizarre, yet so cozy snowfall. As flurries and laughter filled the city streets, I couldn't help but to stand in the middle of the road and stop to appreciate what I took as a "sign of good luck." The sky was crystal blue, not a cloud in sight, and the sun was bright and warm. Snowfall was the last thing to be expected in such spring weather. It was truly Beautiful!

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