Laurie & Joe

Shooting with Laurie & Joe!

All up in my natural habitat shooting with Laurie & Joe! After recently discovering this Parisian based brand, I couldn’t help but to instantly fall in love. I’ve always been one on the hunt searching for unique and beautiful hidden gems in the world of fashion, but when it comes to Laurie & Joe, I truly feel I’ve struck gold. Not only is every French piece uniquely designed, but the combination of patterns, detailing, and textures are truly the perfect recipe for elegance. Any time I step out my door wearing a design from the Laurie & Joe collection, I instantly get stopped in my tracks time and time again getting asked where I got my outfit from. These pieces are true show stoppers, and the best part is , they’re timeless. These are pieces I will be wearing four years from now and just as happy to wear them then as I am now.

Shooting with Laurie & Joe these past few months has been effortless and so fun. when you have a collection this beautiful to shoot, it’s truly difficult not to love every second of shooting. They most definitely make my job easy!

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