City Chic

This season seems to be all about everything leopard, but lets be honest, does that really change anything? I’m proudly leopard print obsessed and always have been. Leopard print is just one of those fashion staples that will never TRULY ever go out of style.

It’s chic, it’s sophisticated, or can easily add an edgy touch to just about any look. As a matter of fact, I still have leopard print pieces in my closet from TEN years ago that I have kept and will continue to wear until the day it finally just gives in. I recently came across this chic leopard print skirt from Boohoo and just had to have it. This is one piece I’ll be adding to my ten year long collection and still styling it years down the road. Style it casually with your favorite tee, or dress it up with your favorite chic top, either way, its an effortless look that is sure to make a statement. Whole look linked below.

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