Showering The Bride-To-Be

I completely admit, this past week I have completely fallen off the face of the earth, but all for good reason…My little sister is getting married!!!

This past week was spent traveling back to my hometown of Brooksville, FL to shower the beautiful bride-to-be and spend some much needed time with family. Showering my little sister was really a dream come true. Although living on the other side of the state definitely provides it’s obstacles when trying to plan and style an event, there was no way I was going to allow any obstacle that may arise stop me from delivering anything short of perfect for my little sister’s bridal shower. I honestly couldn’t think of a person more deserving of a beautiful day full of mimosas, gifts, laughs, and love.

I was raised in a small country town about an hour north of Tampa, FL. It’s a very small rustic quaint town which prides itself on southern roots, charm and hospitality. I may not get to visit back home very often, but when I do, It’s always an immediate sense of peace, calmness and a genuine feel that always leaves you wanting more. It’s safe to say there’s just something about old country roads and homemade sweet tea.

I knew when researching venues for my sister’s bridal shower that the small family owned and operated winery Sparacia Witherell Family Winery located in the countryside of our hometown would be absolutely perfect! I loved the idea of showering my sister at a winery with such rustic charm and ambiance all around us, and let’s not forget the hilltop vineyard views!

I was on a mission to compliment the natural rustic setting with a vintage and rustic touch of my own when it came to decor. Aside from the vineyard itself, my inspiration behind the decor were the gorgeous gold antique candlestick holders and blush faux peonies I had found on They really helped to set the setting for everything I had envisioned for my sisters day. I knew that because these pieces were so unique and truly stood out on their own, the only thing really needed to compliment such antiques and florals was lots of greenery, an assortment of pink and white florals (which I also found on, and accents of antique gold.

*Side Note: Everything is directly linked at bottom of post.

Lets’s face it, an event is nothing without a gorgeous cake front and center. It’s truly often the inspiration behind the whole event and the first thing people see. It’s no secret that a gorgeous cake is a must, however we all know how extremely pricey they can be. Are you styling an event on a budget? If so, then I have the solution to all of your worries when it comes to the the most important accessory of the event, the CAKE!

I personally got so tired of paying an arm and a leg for cakes that I had ordered only to find out that it was most definitely not up to my standards. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great and talented bakers out there, however, when it came to the style of cake I found I usually love for events, I realized there was not much to it and actually preferred doing it myself. Cake baking and decorating has become I’d say a bit of a hobby for me. I absolutely love it, however, my skills are very elementary considering I’m not a professional baker, nor do I have the time to be. Not a baker yourself? No worries! Because I often don’t have time myself for much baking these days, Whenever an event is coming up, I always offer my own cake styling. To cut time and keep cake costs low I contact a local baker (all of my Florida based ladies, I highly recommend Publix. They have a great bakery and can make just about anything to suit your needs at a very great price point.) I order a white textured cake, sometimes naked, sometimes ruffled, either way, just a simple bare cake. I then pre order my cake decor ahead of time to match the theme of the event. I usually tend to order some beautiful seasonal blooms (real or faux), a beautiful cake topper (I highly recommend ETSY, everything directly linked below) maybe some macaroons, sprinkles, melted colored chocolate to drip over the sides…the skies the limit. After receiving my bare all white Publix cake, I then start the decorating. I typically decorate my cakes in ten minutes flat. It’s so simple, quick, elegant, and best part is…IT’S VERY BUDGET FRIENDLY. This particular cake (18-20 person cake) plus 12 blush colored cupcakes, cake topper, and florals altogether ran me about $60. YUP, You heard me correctly. To be honest, the low price is just a bonus, I do this because I truly love styling my cakes and having complete control over exactly how they look. I would do it all day if I could.

Although Grandma and I were extremely pressed on time due to us setting up the night prior and all of our hard work being blown over by the nights wind and continuing into the shower, it still turned out to be a beautiful day! It was worth every minute of worry or and ongoing panic mode (haha) to witness the smile on my sisters face when she walked in. I also can not speak highly enough of Joe and his staff at the Sparacia Witherell Family Vineyard in Brooksville, FL. Joe and his staff made me feel like family the second I walked through the door and were beyond accommodating and helpful from beginning to end. Just another prime example of the kind of generosity and hospitality that my small hometown exemplifies. Thanks to all that came out to help celebrate the upcoming marriage of my sister and soon to be Mrs. Harvey!

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