My Coastal Chic Bedroom Design

My Coastal Chic Bedroom Design

Okay ladies, I'm sharing with you how I achieved this Coastal Chic Neutral bedroom design using the classic Chanel color pallet without breaking the bank. Since Nic and I realize that our flat here in Miami is not our '"forever home", the last thing we wanted to do was go overboard on decor spending. I wanted to achieve a chic and cozy home feel, but without diving into high end prices. We both are still in-between lives here in Miami, and over in Oslo. Until we decide where we would like to settle, there was no need to go mayhem when achieving a cozy and chic flat. However, I must say that I'm really happy with the way our space turned out, and now I want to share with you how I achieved this design on a budget.

I ultimately wanted a space that really reflected my personal style. Anyone that knows me can attest to my love for black and white with a touch of neutral interior design. It's just a color pallet that I find classic, elegant, chic, and timeless, especially in my wardrobe. Chanel's color pallet was actually the inspiration behind the color scheme I chose. I wanted the bedroom to match the rest of the flat, but also to be the most cozy and feminine space in the house, which I believe a bedroom should be.

My advice to anyone looking to design a space in your house would be to firstly, find a focal point that you truly love, and design around that. Your focal point is what will set the mood, and make it much easier to stay within the overall feel you wish to achieve. My focal point was these coastal prints. I saw these pictures at my favorite interior design store (Restoration Hardware) but wondered if I could find them somewhere else for half the price. I'm all about the dupes! Much like my wardrobe, I buy what I like. high end, low end, it does not matter. If I own it, it's because I like it, not because of the brand/label. Interior design, the same rule applies, and if I think I can find a dupe, I will. So, I set out to find a dupe of these photos, and sure enough, I did. Oh, happy day!! I found almost identical pictures on Although, they were a little more on the traditional looking side than what I initially had in mind, I loved them and had to find a way to make them work. These pictures actually come in a set of six. I used four in the bedroom (two on each side of the bed) and the last two in our master bathroom. It now feels that the vibe of the bedroom flows also, right into our bathroom by adding the last two photos just above the toilet. It worked out great, these pieces add such a cozy element to both spaces. 

*I've gone ahead and linked all items below for you ladies!


The bedroom focal point were these pictures. I had to have them! Restoration Hardware dupe.

Now that the focal point was found and purchased, It was time to start looking for a bed. Yes, that's right. I purchased my bedroom focal point pictures before even looking for a bed! The decor addict in me sometimes gets a little ahead of myself! I wanted a very specific bed. I wanted to add a touch of tan linen to my black and white accent pieces to break it all up. By adding this third element and accent, it really helped to put a touch of a coastal feel on the whole look, and helped to add some texture to the space. Nic and I found the perfect bed and sofa at Rooms To Go. We purchased both, our bed and our sofa at the same time. Both matched, and was exactly what I was looking for when it came to the design I envisioned for our flat.


Now it was time to start searching for a duvet cover. I knew the exact one I had in mind, but literally could not find one ANYWHERE! After weeks of searching, I found the perfect fit for my vision, as if I manifested it right to me. It was all white and the most perfect textured design. It was exactly what I had been searching for. The added textures is what helps to give the space a cozy and feminine feel. I found this duvet cover at Pottery Barn. I'm extremely happy with this purchase!


Now, the tough part! The side tables and lamps. This was a challenging search. Because the rest of the flat is traditional with a hint of modern, I didn't want the bedroom to be overally traditional. this was tough. I knew I wanted black end tables, and clear lamps but nothing too classic, and nothing too trendy. My mind was pulled in so many different directions. For months I searched around and gained inspo for deciding on what end tables and lamps I wanted. Then, just like that, I came across these purchases at (end tables) and (lamps) they were PERFECT! The right amount of modern meets classic, and also very trendy right now. The lamps actually came with white shades, but after they arrived, I quickly found that I preferred black ones. I simply purchased new black ones online and switched out the white ones. I'm still crushing hard on these particular finds. 


Last, but not least was all the small details. Details, just like accessories to an outfit, is either what breaks or makes the whole look. Details are actually the most crucial part in designing a space. It's what ties the whole vibe and feel of the space together. When it comes to details, I go crazy. It is so easy for me to find details, I guess, partially because i'm a details addict, that I actually have to limit my buying habits when it comes to shopping for them. I found the most perfect throw pillows and picture frames that add so much mixed textures to the space at Home Goods. Home Goods is such an incredible place to find some real treasures at a beyond reasonable price. I also purchased two large hotel sized, white pillows to add as a third row of detailing for even more added texture, and to give the space a more upscale feel. I then saw that the bed itself was now in need of a little added touch of black to tie in the end tables, and lamp shades. So, I purchased all white bed linens with simple black stripes. It was the perfect way of adding a hint of modern also to the bed itself. 


And so, there you have it. How to obtain this Coastal Chic space for any budget. I have to admit, I couldn't have loved the way this space came out possibly anymore than I already do!


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