Getting Nauti

Thinking about big boats, with even bigger anchors…Nauti Me!

I think it’s safe to say that I was determined to leave my twenties with a bang. Its not everday you turn 30th years old, it was definitely a reason to celebrate, so…we did just that!

The weekend before my big 3-0 we decided to rent a yacht and celebrate myself turning thirty and our good friends birtdhay as well. We had tons of our Norwegian friends in town, along with friends from all over the globe, so what better way to celebrate than getting Nauti out at sea and taking in all the Miami sunshine and warm weather! It’s times like this that remind of how much I really love living in Miami, where it’s summer year round, and a day at sea is ALWAYS a good idea.

The weekend started off with Dinner reservations on Friday night at komodo to celebrate our good friend Eddie’s birthday and the arrival of all of our friends, Saturday night was a dinner at Baoli Miami beach (which never disappoints) and Sunday was a Yacht day at sea followed by dinner at Seaspice (I do recommend booking reservations at least a week in advance to any of these places with large parties). An Epic weekend would be a total understatement, so I’ll just leave it at quite possibly one of the best weekends to ever exist in my book. We were surrounded by great friends, amazing food, created some of the best memories, laughed until we couldn’t breathe, and survived to tell it all. What a Weekend!!! I can confidently say I most certainly accomplished what I set out to do, and that was leave my 20’s with a bang!

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