Chateau Mcely

Hidden in the countryside deep within the back roads of Prague is where you’ll find Chateau Mcely…

The most enchanting place I have ever visited. Nic and I decided to take a recent trip to Prague since we both had always wanted to visit. I knew that once in Prague, I could not leave without visiting this gorgeous french style Chateau I accidentally stumbled upon by conducting a very thorough research. Haha. when traveling, it always pays to do your research. Everything about our stay here was unbelievably breathtaking. From the shabby elegant decor, down to the charming detail put into every individual room of this beautiful Chateau. No two rooms are alike.

Our Afternoons at Chateau Mcely consisted of enchanting afternoon tea and picnic style lunches in the garden, followed by relaxing and soothing pool time at the Chateau’s quaint natural garden pool. Although breathtaking, the pool is not the only way to spend your quality afternoons, Chateau Mcely offers an array of Spa services which of course, I had to indulge in. Chateau Mcely is all about offering relaxation in the most charming ways. I left after a two day stay feeling more relaxed and refreshed than I ever felt possible, and actually shed a few tears when having to depart this sanctuary of pure bliss. The best part was the fact that due to only having a limited number of rooms, you feel as if you almost have the whole Chateau to yourself, making the whole experience feeling so much more inviting and personal.

Aside from all of it’s natural beauty and enchantment, the one thing I believe I loved most and found to be so special about Chateau Mcely was the fact that it caters to little girls just as much as it does adults. When first entering your room, you’re greeted with the cutest video about a little princess that lives in the Chateau and cares to share her home with all of her little friends. Throughout the Chateau, you’ll find details of this little princess all around you. Little girls come from all around the world to indulge in a full princess experience of their own complete with princess suites that you may book for any special occasion specially designed just for your own little princess, along with a number of charming events that your little ones can take part in, including tea time served in the Chateau’s picturesque tea room. I couldn’t help but dream of the day that I could share this fairytale experience with my future daughter. I do believe that Chateau Mcely is truly what dreams are made of.

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